Wickets of MPX

The Multiplex Gaming Community has been around for a decade. Many of the original MPX'ers played together in other gaming groups and have been together for almost two decades. These MPX'ers have stories. The MPX lineage comes from a long line of hard core players of all game types and gaming platforms. It's time we share these stories.


Multiplex Gaming was initially formed by fathers and their sons. Multiplex Gaming was born to be a safe gaming environment where we controlled the website, the voice comms and even the servers we played on. The term "MULTIPLEXER" is where you take multiple inputs that are then combined into one common output. Multiplex Gaming crosses into many different game types, different game platforms and into different game genres. Once someone wears the "MPX" tag they are part of the Multiplex Gaming Community forever. The gaming community is full of different personalities and we have had our share of personality conflicts. Those are the stories that are going to be shared along with all the good ones.


So what the hell are wickets? Wickets are small doors within doors or next to doors. They are also the little gates in cricket that are defended by a batter. Lastly they are also the hoops in the game of croquet. So hopefully you will get the metaphors when is comes to "Multiplex" and "Wickets".