Year 2016 Jan-Apr

PODSIDE #449 "So, this is what a final show sounds like."

"This will be the last episode of Podside for about 6 months. However we had an all star send off."


This is the last Thursday Podside Evecast, however the show will continue under a new name. This newly named show will appear on this soundcloud account and posted to my wordpress page until I find something better!

PODSIDE #448 "Manny keeps the ball rolling!"

"This is Manny's last Thursday show as Podside, but the show will continue. Manny goes over the new details, waxes poetic on the wild ride Podside has been, and fun times are had by all!"

PODSIDE #447 "A visit from Matterall"

"Urz, Pukin and Carneros are joied by Matterall from TMC."

PODSIDE #446 "Childern playing with Botnets."

"Urz is joined by Min, Harri and Scott for a real glitchy episode. Producer's note: This was a real pain to reconstruct and there will be stuttering, you have been warned."

PODSIDE #445 "Fanfest Hype Train"

"We kick off Fanfest talking about all the new announcements and cool things coming from Iceland."

PODSIDE #443 "An American podcaster in Iceland."

"Chendow is drunk, in Iceland. Rambling Intensifies."

PODSIDE #444 "Some Scott submitted Saturday Show"

"Urz was absent but a Saturday show happened anyways!"

PODSIDE #442 "Kazumi takes the reigns."

"Manny goes MIA so Kazumi takes over as Urz provides support."

PODSIDE #441 "The return of the questions."

"Pukin and Gill return for a show."

PODSIDE #440 "When Executors Collide."

"A lively and long show featuring Sapporo Jones and Carneros."

PODSIDE #437 "WARNING!!! Episode contains +200% Jumpscares"

"War drums beat in the north, Lucian's microphone freaks us right the hell out, and things get weird on this Thursday show."

PODSIDE #436 "It has begun."

"Podside is innundated with nigh endless smugging including Villy, JMclain and Lucian James. You have been warned."

PODSIDE #435 "Podside reunion with Min, and Mike."

"Min and Mike Azariah return to the show and catch up. We also had a surprise visit from Carneros."

PODSIDE #434 "The Goon haters are at the gates!"

"Urz, Tib and Scott recap the last 2 weeks in New Eden. The North is heating up with more alliances being lured by the promisies of IWI and gevlon ISK. Test joins the dogpile. Fozzie buff blops and shows his bias."

PODSIDE #433 "The Maker Show"

"We talk about a variety of topics regarding making stuff, such as spreadsheets, 3D printers, and DIY cutting lasers! "

PODSIDE #432 "Ding, Dong, the Gong is Dead!"

"RIP The "Gong". Morgan reviews the last patch. "

PODSIDE #431 "BONG!!!!!"

"Skeleton Crew. is no more, but some strange bonging noise derails the smug-train. "

PODSIDE #430 "Delayed patches, Audiobook Chronicles."

"Urz and Scott talk about the patch, that was delayed, but only one day. Also mentioned Zendane's rendition of "Inheritance". "

PODSIDE #429 "Kael gets up to speed."

"Urz and Kael play catch up since Kael has just returned from the Boonies of Ft. Irwin, CA."

PODSIDE #428 "Burnination across Space Somalia"

"Manny has alliance friends on the show who actually pay attention and know what's going on in Delve. We also talked about flying children, and the health hazards they pose."

PODSIDE #427 "Offical Poside Voting policy: Just Do It. RIP Evelopedia"

"Tib, CyPh3r, and Urz discuss the CSM elections and the end of the offical Eve Wiki."

PODSIDE #426 "Overlays and ambigious dev blogs."

"Tib, CyPh3r, Manny and Urz discuss the annual security dev blog and it's glorious lack of clarity."

PODSIDE #425 "Space Bushido is NOT dead!"

"Manny kicks off this Thursday show with lots of guests joining after starting. He also finds out what it is like to fight someone who is OH SO HONORABURU, and dies gloriously in a fire."


"Tib and Urz talk about the slew of module changes coming in the March release."

PODSIDE #423 "Winter (summit) is coming!"

"Thursday returns and gremlin defense systems were activated as Mike dropped in to remind us the winter summit is coming."

PODSIDE #422 "Extractor prices and Subarus?"

"Tonight, Urz is joined by Tib and Sapporo Jones, Executor of Test, And CSM XI Canidate."

PODSIDE #420 "Yes, it's that episode."

"Manny joins us for the episode that has his favorite number."

PODSIDE #419 "Lowsec and lore, on the same night."

"After some hiccups near the start things get into full swing with Lucian James, Morgan Starkiller, Voltaire Stonevraft and even a visit from Ashterothi."

PODSIDE #418 "A wormhole, a war of annihilation, and an Upwell debris field"

"We get to chat with Bronya. We also get to hear about DHSJ's war of annihilation against Dead Terrorists. To top things off Manny nerds out about CCP Guard mentioning his Eve meetup."

PODSIDE #417 "A livley discussion."

"Lucian James joined us along with some guests from Metropolis lowsec."

PODSIDE #416 "More guests for a change."

"Saturday comes back big time with this long episode."

PODSIDE #415 "The show is done in spite of technical issues"

"Everything has broken down on Manny, but the show goes on regardless."

PODSIDE #414 "Skill Trading: Coming to an Eve near you."

"After a non-starter on Saturday CCP releases a dev blog to stir up conversation."

PODSIDE #413 "Manny had a rough time of it"

"We believe Manny has his own gremlins now. The show was spliced together from two different recordings that night. Urz came back, but otherwise a slow night."

PODSIDE #412 "Fun fights in Metropolis"

"We see the return of Lucian James, talk about interesting fights in Metropolis lowsec, and Manny burned out his guns and died horribly somehow."

PODSIDE #411 "The return of the saturday show."

"Tib returns to talk Eve Online."

PODSIDE #410 "Despite all my rage I am still just a noob without PLEX"

"Thursday comes back from holiday break, with friends and spaceships."

PODSIDE #409 "Insert cleaning joke here."

"Scott brings on some guests for our first show of the new year."