Year 2015

PODSIDE #408 "Manny comes to visit during a slow week."

"We interrupt our regularly scheduled hiatus to bring you this episode with Urz and Manny."

PODSIDE #407 "Scott showed up ontime."

"People came on a saturday. Including Cypher."

PODSIDE #406 "Thursday late night"

"With Manny working like a dog, we start Thursday's episode a bit late."

PODSIDE #405 "Some words about community."

"Bronya joins Urz and Kael and Katicus to talk about the recent sion/goons/reddit drama."

PODSIDE #404 "404 - Episode not found"

"We celebrate Manny's birthday and giggle over Gandalf's hilarious demise!"

PODSIDE #403 "A patch is here and a scandal is brewing."

"In this episode we dicuss the new patch and a brewing conflict with"

PODSIDE #402 "Remembering Photon Torpedo."

"A very somber episode. Urz and Pukin are joined by Dirk and Tib with special guests Carneros and members of the Ultimatium corporation."

PODSIDE #401 "Thursday is BACK BABY!!!!"

"Thursdays resume on Podside and Manny got himself a nullsec home again!"

PODSIDE #400 "Grath would go gay for star citizen?"

"Grath joins us to celebrate 400 episodes of Podside."

PODSIDE #399 "Snot Shot finally returns."

"Snot shot finally comes out of hiding and joins Mike to talk book drama."

PODSIDE #398 "More book drama with Tib."

"What started as myself and Tib talking about more reddit drama, grows from there. 400th Episode is fast approaching."

PODSIDE #397 "The short Saturday."

"Had a small vrew so we covered the 900lb gorrilla. Imperium going after Pandemic Horde for some pretty laughable reasons."

PODSIDE #396 "The episode that almost didn't happen"

"The show started late but we did broadcast. We tried a visual stream that worked out ok even after Mike showed up with his gremlins in tow."

PODSIDE #395 "Asher Elias comes to visit."

"Things were pretty quiet until Gabrial said he could get Asher Elias. The rest as they say is history. Check out his podcast at: "

PODSIDE #394 "Amarr Championships tinfoil abounds."

"CyPh3r joins Harrigan, Khaimee and myself for a little talk about the Amarr Championships. We are also joined by avalos, who is apparently part robot."

PODSIDE #393 "What's up Wastelanders!"

"Fallout 4 dropped this week and Manny gushes for over an hour about it. Then Scott brings Ashterothi on the show and we talk about Eve for nearly 2 more hours."

PODSIDE #392 "A slow Thursday"

"Manny gets back into the groove of a slow Thursday night while he recovers from his last few shows."

PODSIDE #391 "Pukin and JMcclain take vegas."

"Pukin and Jmcclain join us to recap their Vegas experience."

PODSIDE #390 "Haloween post-vegas episode."

"Dirk McGirk finally gets over his post Vegas hangover and joins us."

PODSIDE #389 "Cynosural Field Detected"

"We are hotdropped by everyone under the sun as we talk about Vegas, get to have a chat with His Holiness as well as CCP Avalon, talk about the Pod and Planet fiction contest, and more insanity."

PODSIDE #388 "Talking Capitals and Citadels with Bronya"

"In this episode we discuss the announced changes from a wormholer's perspective with Bronya Boga, CEO of Isogen 5. "

PODSIDE #387 "Vegas Changes cause gremlins."

"This stream has mysterious skipping issues. But we cover the announced changes to capitals and structures, though some of our discussion may have been lost."

PODSIDE #386 "Blood for the Blood Raiders"

"We talk about the Crimson Harvest, unfortunate capsuleer butt shots, Eve Vegas and more."

PODSIDE #385 "Short Pre-Vegas Show."

"Tib, Orion and myself cover the Crimson harvest and it's new skill boosters."

PODSIDE #384 "Buying and selling SP? Okay."

"Grath Telkin joins Dirk, Mike, Min and myself for a discussion of the threadnaught caused by the skillpoint packet proposal. We also cover some other upcoming changes that aren't getting as much attention."

PODSIDE #383 "Streamers invade!"

"We had RaffAboutIt and ZombieSlicer, Eve streamers on Twitch, come on the show. We talked about the skillpoint selling proposal and the proposed changes for the new release. We also discussed how horrible a person Manny is for bringing a Worm to a Frig fight."

PODSIDE #382 "Late, but it gets better."

"covered the API scam ban, changes to criminal flag mechanics, and a wardec proposal from FuzzySteve with Mike Azariah."

PODSIDE #381 "A quiet saturday, haven't had one of those in a while."

"A bit light for a Saturday. Covered Gclub alliance update, and some Eve Vegas hype."

PODSIDE #380 "Finding one on one good fights"

"We've all gotten back into playing, cool things are coming, and Manny got blown up some more... what else is new, right?"

PODSIDE #379 "Post-Surgery, Introuctory hosting, Drugs are fun edition."

"Urz hosts his first show as the full time host. We covered the AT ruling among other things."

PODSIDE #378 "Dont forget to F'ing wave"

"New stuff from CCP and Gill says good buy. o/ "

PODSIDE #377 "Just let it happen"

"A new alliance is born and Manny tells us what little he knows about it"

PODSIDE #376 "Dont grab my Gimbal like that."

"First hour is real,second is what's real to us."

PODSIDE #375 "Wait... Manny has friends?!?!"

"Manny's friend Minion comes on the show, we talk about the patch notes, and laugh at Manny's misfortune when he tells us that MOA killed him a bit."

PODSIDE #374 "It's my ISK and I want it now..."

"I hate that freaking saying. Everyone can do it and now you can too."

PODSIDE #372 "Come at me Bro..."

"When you hear, come at me Bro! We must be talking about Eve. Right?"

PODSIDE #373 "Thursday's missing episode"

"What should have been episode 372 if Manny hadn't lost the audio, but fortunately found it later."

PODSIDE #369 "Why all the negative press?"

"Tonight's guests bring up a recent rash of very hateful comments towards CCP devs and go over how unproductive it can be."

PODSIDE #368 "Laze day podcast"

"It was a small town show tonight, If you live in one you know what I mean."

PODSIDE #367 "Getting our colletive shit together"

"Trolls and PAP's both make it to the show tonight"

PODSIDE #366 "Mike's going to the summit and this is what they're talking about"

"Mike Azariah shows up, Gremlin defensive systems activated automatically, and we discuss the upcoming CSM Summit"

PODSIDE #365 "No. I never got to it..."

"On the show tonight we had the guys from EOC_TV on Tweeter. JMcclain shows just how much he must love this freaking No out going bumper,Ill try again later"

PODSIDE #364 "Skinny? Yeah, thats what she said.."

"Fun night tonight. Huge show lots of people and topics. On behalf of everyone here at Podside our thoughts and prays go out to Random McNally and his family."

PODSIDE #363 "SCOTT SINGS, and loses a bit of dignity lol"

"We talk about the war in Providence, discuss the future plans of the Space Pope, and Scott gives an Eve redition of Let it Go from Frozen for which I apologize.... who am I kidding everyone's suffering gives me LOLZ"

PODSIDE #362 "Well, its like group therapy"

"Everyone got a chance to exercise thier demons tonight. Keep doing whatcha doing, no one can take that away from you."

PODSIDE #361 "Pukin comes back, and can't sit on his hands."

"Pukin hosts a rather spirited edpisode with Scott and Dirk as well as JMcclain."

PODSIDE #360 "Scott finally gets to talk about Drifters!"

"Manny... medicated. Kazumi... MIA. Scott... finally gets to talk about drifters without being spoken over. Good on you dude!"

PODSIDE Special: Wormhole Structure Townhall."

"Urziel attended the recent CSMX Wormhole Structure discussion. We look forward to more of these discussions in the future -Urziel"

PODSIDE #359 "Go ahead and jump that freaking stunt shark."

"Yeah its a big show. I know, whatcha going to do..."

PODSIDE #357 "It's like CCP is listening or something"

"After the show and shouting match on Tuesday regarding destructible stations and what happens to stuff when your Citadel goes boom CCP releases a pair of dev blogs detailing exactly how that will work. It's like they're listening or someting."

PODSIDE #356 "Kill that station!!...No!! WAIT!!! That one there."

"Good old fashion Evecast with the whole gang in the wings. Thanks to everyone."

PODSIDE #355 "Live from New England!!! Its J McClain!!!"

"J McClain comes to us live from the meet up with CCP Rise and CCP Gaurd along with other friends."

PODSIDE #353 "More talk with Urz hosting."

"Urz hosts a full house while Pukin hijacks our live stream with the Clueless Space Nerds."

PODSIDE #352 "Kazumi's BACK!"

"Kazumi returns, not many guests appear, we decide to start at a later time, and good times are had by all!"

PODSIDE #351 "Aye, its the glue."

"I hit record without a script. Think anyone could tell? I don't need no stinking backup. Wait, yes I DO!"

PODSIDE #350 "Leading the Wolf to the slaughter..."

"Null Sec politics get deep with some old friends."

PODSIDE #349 "Anyone know any good highsec mining corps for hire?"

"We give our opinion regarding new sov and the rise of the Proletariat masses. MINERS OF NEW EDEN UNITE! "

PODSIDE #348 "Agree to disagree."

"Pukin wants Eve 2.0, bronya disagrees, a debate ensues."

PODSIDE #347 "More sov talk, with more people this time."

"Urz and Wiggles have more people to bounce discussion off of and cover the recent events."

PODSIDE #346 "Manny got primaried lolz"

"We discuss the opening days of Fozziesov and how Manny Bothans died gloriously in a fire!"

PODSIDE #345 "Fozziesov Day One: Issues and Told Ya So-s."

"Urz, Wiggles and JMcclain talk new sov, and some WoW. As we publish, TQ is off-line in extended downtime. Told ya so."

PODSIDE #344 "Last show before the end of sov as we know it."

"With just over 2 days left till Fozziesov, the guys get there last few told ya so-s in."

PODSIDE #343 "And Manny Bothans shall be His Herald"

"We have fun tinfoiling, or Pontificating if you're the Space Pope, and Manny announces himself the Herald of His Holiness!"

PODSIDE #342 "I said WE, as in all of us."

"Puken,Dirk,Bronya,Urzel and some others take one last stab at Fozzie Sov before it's release."

PODSIDE #341 "Party Fails"

"Kazumi is host tonight with some old friends of podside."


"Gills back along with Dirk,Puken and the other popsicles of The Podside Evecast"

PODSIDE #339 "Phone it in."

"Urz hosts a small crew tonight, it's farly mellow, except for Lucian and Harri."

PODSIDE #338 "Everybody loves AC"

"We hand out some free stuff and talk industry"

PODSIDE #337 "So Many Popsicles so little time... "

"Tonight we just hangout with Dirk, Mike, Harri and some pep's from MPX "

PODSIDE #336 "Its not the Three Stooges, is it?"

"One guy talks to much, One figures out how too and the other doesn't talk enough. "

PODSIDE #335 "What's in a name?"

"Help us rename Thirsty Thursdays as we return!"

PODSIDE #334 "Bottoms Up"

"Do you remember back in the day when....."

PODSIDE #333 "Urz hosts fleet warp talks."

"Urz finally gets to play with the new hosting toys and talks with a few regulars about the upcoming changes, and... other stuff."

PODSIDE #332 "The Seinfeld Evecast"

Gill listened in post and said "Talk about fucking nothing....not that theirs anything wrong with that".

PODSIDE #331 "The boys are back in town"

A show where Lucian James sounds like an Eve player. Really freaking weird.


We have Max Singularity on the show and he tells us how he became His Holiness.

PODSIDE #329 "We use to shoot the Red Cross for fun?"

Its patch day once again and my computer didn't start on fire. No popsicles were harmed in the making of this Evecast

PODSIDE #328 "The Podside Evecast lore panel, for all of about 5 minutes..."

Its the Sunday before a patch that no one really cares about. You do the math.

PODSIDE #327 "Last call for Comicon Photo Hunt!"

This is the last thursday show before the Comicon Photo Hunt contest is called. Please tweet your photo guesses to @mrmannybothans on twitter!

PODSIDE #326 "Looking inward, to see outward"

The title is way to deep for the amount of just talking that happend tonight.

PODSIDE #324 "What's your favorite ship?"

We ask the important questions, like how do you use YOUR Gila?

PODSIDE #323 "Are the Drifters going to be the Bears of Eve?"

A little Eve a little H1Z1 and a lot of things in between.

PODSIDE #322 "Launch control? Do we have have a go?"

Gill and the crew make a go at another show.

PODSIDE #321 "Or is it #320?"

We have a shorter show with Kazumi and his people on discussing their plan for hole invasion!

PODSIDE #319 "Test, Test, is this thing on? Please ignore."

Gill is hosting tonight and some peps from Test come and hang out.

PODSIDE #318 "The return of Thirsty Thursday"

After dealing with some RL stuff Thursday night is BACK!!

PODSIDE #317 "It's story time... (dun dun dah) with FrFrmPukin and Scooter McCabe"

Grab a bowl of popcorn and your favorite beverage. Then sit back, relax and let Pukin and Scooter hold your hand down memory lane.

PODSIDE #316 "CCP's best bug ever is found as The Imperium invasion begins."

Other topics are CSM, newbros, veteran awareness and much more.

PODSIDE #315 "We are not here to ruin your game, but to ~enhance your immersion~"

Scooter McCabe, Jaysen, Tib, Scott and Mike join the Podside Crew to cover the new patch and The Imperium.

PODSIDE #314 "Other shows may have cake and ice cream... HOWEVER, we have punch and PI (pun intended)"

Dirk, Urz, Min, Kazumi, Pukin and Mike tinfoil about CSM/CCP sessions and other things. We also debate about being able to train multiple skills on one toon at one time.

PODSIDE #313 "Got a place I can plug this in?"

We talk about leading groups, being classy, and tinfoil real hard on making a giant railgun at NORAD. Got a place I can plug this extension cord?

PODSIDE #312 "So a Test CEO, a Lucian James and a CSM walk into a bar with the Podside Crew."

We also had Dirk, Pukin, Tib, Scott and Gill on the show. A bit more classy than #311, but still colorful.

PODSIDE #311 "YAY ME!!! Podside Podcast got ourselves a Cesspool Slip'N Slide."

Definetly not this Podcast's finest hour. Mistakes were made before the show even started that set the tone for the whole show.

PODSIDE #310 "Bring us your bumpers, your memes, your funny stories"

We talk about Care Factor, announce a winner to Grima's contest, and talk about bumpers for a bit.

PODSIDE #308 "Hey REEREES... we are not a GD news site and we don't know f@#k all."

What!!! Men are the reasons why women don't play EVE and much, much more.

PODSIDE #307 "Drama all around"

We spent way too much time discussing the various forms of drama happening around New Eden.

PODSIDE #306 "Hero is feeding the Drama Lamas"

We spend another night talking about Hero from a hind sight 20/20 armchair quarterback position.

PODSIDE #305 "The day before Easter Sunday and the last day of #lentside."

Who needs borders and boundries when we have Hero's failures, EVE MEDIA blowhards and CCP dumb ideas to talk about?

PODSIDE #304 "More newbros than you can shake a stick at!"

Tonight we have Brave FC Kira Tsukimoto telling us how their deployment/evac went.

PODSIDE #303 "What if CCP did this... "

Don't miss this episode. A very good debate about theater play and free to play options for EVE.

PODSIDE #302 "TEST Leaves Hero Coalition and then we tinfoil like no other."

We get the scoop on TEST bailing on Hero for Wicked Creek. Then we put on tin foil hats and underwear as we dance around NULL Sec's future some more.

PODSIDE #301 "Highdrag gets down the pipe with podside."

Another Thursday show with Gill and Kazumi along with Highdrag and Down the pipe podcasters.

PODSIDE #300 "First show after Fanfest and it is 300th!!"

We discussed structures, fanfest and tinfoiled about NULL Sec's future.

PODSIDE #299 "Urz hosts post-Fanfest review."

In this episode we review the major events of Fanfest 2015.

PODSIDE #298 "Mystery Podside X"

This episode we talk about the emergence of a new entity in Wicked Creek.

PODSIDE #297 "Gill breaks another podcast"

While everyone is out for St. Patricks day Gill, Urziel and Kazumi try and record a podcast.

PODSIDE #296 "No local, no deal."

While Frfrmpukin and Gill are in Wisconsin, Urz hosts a show that addresses the rumored removal of local from nullsec.

PODSIDE #295 "Insert Title Here"

Manny is hotdropped a few times and the show, like Christmas, is saved!

PODSIDE #294 "Who ordered the Taco Tuesday Supreme with Sour Cream?"

It's a star studded show and God's Prophet is just one of the special guests. Nothing like tinfoiling about Bounty Hunting, E-Sports and NULL Sec Sov 3.0 with talking heads that span across multiple podcasts.

PODSIDE #293 "Urz hosts more sov talks, discusses proposals for changes."

We go over some of the most discussed issues with #Fozziesov


Gill and Kazumi spend some time talking about Eve.

PODSIDE #292 "CCP Pipebombs Nullsec... well they plan to."

We go over the dev blog that talks about phase 2 of CCP's plans for null sec sov. Things are about to get really interesting!

PODSIDE #291 "It's a case of the R's (Review, Renew, Remember, Reminisce and ReeRees"

After a long break, a very vocal JMclain shows up with lots of input. We chewed the fat on topics that have been bugging some of us personally.

PODSIDE #290 "Funny stories from the other end of space"

We had a few guys from the Wicked Creek end of space on to tell us funny stories. Hilarity ensues!

PODSIDE #289 "50/50 and it's the eve of the CSM Elections."

This episode contains about 50% EVE content and 50% other misc stuff. Most of the EVE content was about the CSM elections since our show was on the eve of the CSM elections.

PODSIDE #288 "A New Eden view through the eyes of Snot Shot. "

Pukin went MIA on his B-day. You decide if Snot Shot is wearing vision changing glasses similiar to those of his voice changer, cause Snot is bored in EVE because of the CFC/Goons's current gameplay. GrrrGoons!!!

PODSIDE #287 "Chronicles, Drifters, and Diplomatic Immunity"

We had a few diplos on to talk about hilarious incidents, the meaning of reps on Cain, and to poke fun at each other. Also, Zendane from the Eve Reader Podcast was on and we discussed New Eden's newest jerkwads, the Drifters.

PODSIDE #286 "A Fat Tuesday for Fat Tuesday."

Drama Lama exposed on TMC. Pukin is giving up talking about the (Legacy of a Drama Lama Podcast) for Lent starting Ash Wednesday. #lentside Started by Dreydan.

PODSIDE #285 "A very special Valentine's Day Episode"

A little more about the drama lama, then a whole lot about removing skill attributes and implmants sprinkled with CSMX election talk.

PODSIDE #284 "EVE Nerds and Dart nerds not so different."

Dreydan and Pukin discuss drama lamas and more.

PODSIDE #283 "No one's around and it's quiet in eve."

Cyph3r tries to find content with SnotShot on a slow news week.

PODSIDE #282 "Manny battles the gremlins with limited success"

Interesting discussions are had regarding what should be behind the mysterious door and the future of skills... until the gremlins show themselves that is.

PODSIDE #281 "Champs-Élysées and the Arc de Triomphe"

Yeah, that is exactly how the show went. Listen to the show and tell me that I speak the truth.

PODSIDE #280 "Do you believe that minerals you mine are free?"

We go deep into just a couple of topics,especially the minerals topic. Also, Mike A. is attacked by his very own Gremlin Horde while our Gremline defenses hold strong.

PODSIDE #279 "Wormholes, Guns and AFK-Check Rats"

After some late arrivals and hotdrops, we get to serious tinfoil hattery regarding the new rat scripting, wormhole space, and the direction of T3 Dessies and weapon rebalances.

PODSIDE #278 "It's all about the NDA... No Trouble"

The dust bunnies and gremlins have been slayed. We get back on track by asking Mike A. questions that are borderline NDA breaking. However, Mike. A holds his ground and gives us what he can.

EveSidePodradio Special "Days 1 and 2 CSM Summit Meeting Minutes"

An Eve Radio and Podside combination special broadcasted on the radio, twitch streams and podcasts.

PODSIDE #277 "Mike Azariah Hotdrops his first Thirsty Thursday"

We worked out the streaming gremlins before Mike showed up.

PODSIDE #276 "Recaps, Reviews and Rewards... A failed experiment."

We take awhile to talk about EVE, but we eventually get there. We also fail at giving away prizes.

PODSIDE #274 "First of the Thirsty Thursday Podside nights."

Manny Bothans is the host of the new Podside night.

PODSIDE #273 "Hey Podside, guess what day it is!? It's Patch Day!"

Another episode where the BigCountry Show crew hangs out with us and we talk about Patch Day reactions, wishes and the MN Meetup.

PODSIDE #272 "Just a good old episode of (Comparison, Propaganda and Politics)."

We did it! Well... almost. We messed up at the very end.

PODSIDE #271 "Which is a better deal??"

Another semi-raunchy NSFW episode as slow news days makes us stir crazy.

PODSIDE #270 "I'm going to f@#$ing IED dat ass!"

We break out the New Year with a raunchy NSFW podcast... Please forgive us.