Old Podside EVEcast – Archived

The PODSIDE podcast is a collection of bloggers, videocasters, streamers and podcasters who come together twice a week on the MPX Mumble server to discuss the game EVEONLINE and Dust 514.

The platform is loose and unscripted as the guests and hosts imagine themselves in a bar room type of environment while they drink, have fun and discuss the games.

From time to time it is raw and drama filled because the guests and hosts are truly passionate about these games, the events that happen with in them and the communities that surround them. Occasionally, developers and representatives of these games join in on the show along with other community leaders and SMEs (subject matter experts).

Latest Episodes:

PODSIDE #449 "So, this is what a final show sounds like."

"This will be the last episode of Podside for about 6 months. However we had an all star send off."


This is the last Thursday Podside Evecast, however the show will continue under a new name. This newly named show will appear on this soundcloud account and posted to my wordpress page until I find something better!

PODSIDE #448 "Manny keeps the ball rolling!"

"This is Manny's last Thursday show as Podside, but the show will continue. Manny goes over the new details, waxes poetic on the wild ride Podside has been, and fun times are had by all!"

PODSIDE #447 "A visit from Matterall"

"Urz, Pukin and Carneros are joied by Matterall from TMC."

PODSIDE #446 "Childern playing with Botnets."

"Urz is joined by Min, Harri and Scott for a real glitchy episode. Producer's note: This was a real pain to reconstruct and there will be stuttering, you have been warned."