Manny Bothans is Primary

This man WAS a little-known scout, until a spelling mistake with the Rebel Alliance made him famous across the galaxy. Simply put they forgot an N when the admiral said “Many Bothans died to bring us this information.” Too bad he forgot to mention that Mr. Bothans had his medical clone set nearby.

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[18:10:50] Keef Drow Manny Bothans died to give me this hard-on

Latest Episodes:

Manny Bothans is Primary - Episode 32

Now with 1000% more gremlins! They attacked us hard when this episode was recorded. I took me more than a week to find all the missing pieces, but I did and like Dr. Frankenstein I patched together this ghoulish show featuring Dirk McGirk and Urziel99. I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Manny Bothans is Primary while I take a brief break to welcome some family friends to town. No YouTube version due to gremlins. We will return next week with new content. I hope to see you guys then!

Manny Bothans is Primary - Episode 31

Sorry for the delay in upload. Gremlins attacked, but after assembling a defense force they were eventually repelled. On this episode my wife joins us, I get into a real close fight, and the good times are had by all as I profit from my first act of piracy.

Manny Bothans is Primary - Episode 30

We've finally returned in a big way! I had to throw some money at the problem but now I have my audio bugs squashed, and I can get back to the important stuff, like discussing an 18,000 word guide on mining. Tonight we are joined by many awesome guests who helped me make tonight's show AMAZING! I hope you guys enjoy this episode of Manny Bothans is Primary!

Manny Bothans is Primary - Episode 29

We return with awesome guests. We've got Nanomanz, an FC with FUM8, Lockefox from the Eve Prosper Show, and Opus Magnum from the Eve Onion News among our first time guests. We had an awesome discussion and I hope you guys enjoy! You can find Eve Prosper at and you can find the announcement he's made here

Manny Bothans is Primary - Episode 28

It has been a long time since I did a show. There were reasons, personal and professional. However with Fan Fest coming I could no longer keep myself from doing a show. We talk about some things out of the event as well as what's been going on in game. We are back folks! Sorry we've been gone so long.